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Quentin van Ginhoven was born in the late sixties and spent most of young life in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Québec. His passion for nature began in this country setting, along with a budding interest in artistic expression, thanks to his parents.

Living on a family farm led to gardening and tending goats, pigs and many other farm animals. Quentin was influenced in how the land fed him: figuratively and metaphorically.


Surrounded by forests, fields, and wetlands, he observed natural processes daily. His observations led to a growing curiosity which in turn led him to become a wildlife biologist and science teacher. He has lived and worked in many regions of Québec, from the Abitibi forests to the Nunavik barrens to urban settings.

Drawn by the observations around him and the need to express himself, Quentin began art classes in the mid-nineties and has been practicing studio arts since the early millennium.

Today, Quentin lives near Montréal’s where he balances art, work and family life which he enjoys with his wife and daughter.

With sketchbook at hand, the artist in Quentin scribbles down fleeting ideas and impressions. In his words:

«I am particularly attracted to abstract art. Studio time is spent letting colour, shape, and line wander on the canvas. The studio is a space where ideas are meant to flow freely. The techniques I use are mostly painting with acrylic paints on canvas, but inspiration may lead to more sculptural forms or upcycling material.»